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Out of the blue laying on the couch taking a Sunday afternoon nap, my experience or I should probably say, our experience, with a mimeograph machine came to mind. Probably anyone younger than 50 years old does not even have any idea of their existence.

Back about 1970, my wife took on the job of doing the church bulletins. This, of course, was pre-expensive copy machines. One would type a stencil that then would be placed on the drum of the machine. The stencil would let the ink through where the letters were typed, and thereby in our case, the bulletins could be printed. As I recall, one dare not make a mistake in typing as I don’t remember any way to correct the stencil.

Mimeograph machine

Mimeograph machine

Old German School on Market Street

At one time, this building was the Old German School. It was also Adams Dry Cleaning and housed the Pike County Genealogy and Historical Society prior to building being torn down.

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