Earlier this year, Elizabeth from Hamilton County found herself in a bind when her passport renewal hit a snag in the processing system. Fortunately, my casework team was able to help her resolve the issue by pressing the agency responsible for renewal.

No one wants to miss a loved one’s wedding, or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation because of passport issues. Helping with passport problems is just one of the most basic – but meaningful – ways our casework team can help you with problems associated with federal government agencies.

It is truly a privilege to serve Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District. Our team of friendly, hardworking, and experienced caseworkers have helped thousands of Ohioans assess their situations, get answers, and try to resolve issues across federal agencies. Based out of our Anderson Township and Peebles offices, our team serves as liaison between Ohioans in need and the federal government.

Over the last nine years, thousands of Ohioans have reached out to our office for help with issues covering the IRS, Medicare, Social Security, military documents, and everything in between. The last 18 months in particular have ushered in a unique set of challenges, due to closed federal agencies and unanticipated challenges caused by the pandemic.

Unfortunately, many Ohioans have become too intimately familiar with how large and bureaucratic our federal government has become – an issue we are working to resolve. One of the most common issues facing our constituents is the delay in receiving federal tax returns.

Due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, IRS staff struggled to receive and process tax returns on time, creating a bottleneck, and then a backlog, of unprocessed returns. Our office has been working diligently to connect constituents to the appropriate IRS staff in order to get solutions, and, in some cases, speed up the processing of their refund.

As well, many veterans have reached out for access to their military records, including discharge papers and separation documents. These documents are needed in order to receive benefits earned through service. Similar to the IRS, the National Personnel Records Center has experienced delays in processing times due to offices that were shuttered for too long as a result of the pandemic.

To that end, I’ve cosponsored the RECORDS Act of 2021 to help address the backlog. Our office stands by ready to help veterans and their families with a myriad of VA issues, including getting eligibility determinations for health care, retrieving documentation, and other pending claims. I would especially like to thank my casework team for all their hard work during the last 18 months.

If you need help with any federal agency, please call our Anderson Township office at 513-474-7777 or Peebles office at 513-605-1380, and you may just talk to Teresa, Annie, Kellie, or Josh on our casework team. You can also visit our website at https://wenstrup.house.gov/constituent-services/.

We are here to serve.

Congressman Brad Wenstrup represents Pike County as part of Ohio’s Second Congressional District.

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