How exciting to receive a Golden Buckeye Card through the mail! Many of you may have already received the gift card that reminds you that yet another life change and path is about to occur. Right?

Life is a gift, no matter what phase we may be entering. As we all have realized through the Pandemic that started in 2020, some life changes occur when we least expect it. Who would ever believe that during this phase of life we would be navigating a pandemic.

This pandemic has caused fear, rejection, stole unity, and caused isolation. This pandemic has also caused us to sit still and listen to a friend, to hold our families tighter, brought forth “helpers”, and taught us to cherish what we often take for granted.

During this time, I have decided to start living out moments each day. I have decided to immerse myself in new adventures, new experiences and to live out my moments. I have tried to teach myself how to play my dad’s guitar which sat in a closet, attempted to complete new art projects, and even took a few lessons in golf. I have also resurrected old experiences, long packed away. I suddenly found myself walking each day, which seemed a chore before because of a past knee injury.

I have turned my focus on beliefs and trust in God. I explore and meditate on what my purpose in life may be during this new chapter. After all, life can sometimes be so chaotic and a routine that there is no time to sit still.

Being the nature enthusiast that I am, resurrecting my love for hiking only made sense. As quickly the isolation started; it left for me. The isolation became a blessing, which seemed impossible for an extrovert.

Often hiking alone brought about an opportunity to reflect on life: past, present, and future. However, I decided it only made sense to begin living out the moments each day presented itself.

On a hiking trail, I surrendered to each step and realized my inner strength belongs not to my flesh, but to the creator of the beauty surrounding me. When I am at my weakest He is strong!

No matter what broken pieces you carry in your backpack, your trials, your burdens, your anxiety or fears place them at His feet. Let go! We all carry something that holds us back from being the best version of ourselves, but my friend, I have experienced life challenges and have always carried them on my own.

Surrendering to “letting go” has been the greatest gift during a time of uncertainty. We are never truly alone and during times when you may feel lonely, reach out to those around you! Enjoy your moments in life, set aside the broken pieces and allow His artwork fill your soul!

Take time to see the beauty surrounding you, hear the sounds of the songs chirping beside you, see the color of a sunrise, sunset, a flower, and the beautiful leaves that change with a burst excitement.

Thank you Lord for showing me your plans in my life! As I reflect on the many paths my life has taken me, I realize that each life event has molded me into the person I am today.

We can rise up to the changes in our lives, learn to rest in our circumstances; by leaning and loving one another during our most challenging path of uncertainty.

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