As of Aug. 24, 2021, Ohio State required every student, faculty and staff member to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

So, no jab means no education for Buckeyes that opt out? Did Brutus comply or is he ousted for not taking the Fauci Ouchy? O-H-I-O.

“Due to the recent federal vaccine mandate, Ohio State is no longer permitted to allow personal exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for employees, including student employees,” according to

What are the exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States? A medical exemption. A religious exemption.

Perhaps, there needs to be more exemptions for individuals with other reasons for not taking the clot shot. I’ve created a list for the populace.

1. People that live on islands in the middle of nowhere and eat a Mediterranean diet.

2. Superheroes with natural immunity to disease.

3. Hermits that live in caves. No need to vaccinate. Enough said.

4. Americans that believe Anthony Fauci has fooled the masses.

5. The platypus because it’s a solitary animal.

6. Children and adolescents younger than age 18 years because they are low-risk populations. Read the research.

7. Individuals that recovered from COVID-19 and have immunity as a result.

8. Scuba divers that spend most of their time underwater.

9. Any citizen that believes in the Constitution of the U.S. and chooses not to take the needle.

10. Middle-earth dwellers.

Folks, there ya have it. Ten more reasons for COVID-19 vaccine exemptions. Hope this column gives you a chuckle!

Melissa Martin is an opinion-editorial columnist and resides in southern Ohio.

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