Editor, News Watchman,

On May 28, 2019, a Pike County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to my home address in relation to my complaint of repeated property damage due to logging of the north property line area. The deputy stated he would make contact with the logger and convey that no further property damage is to occur and will subsequently and additionally be considered trespassing.

The copy of the deputy’s incident report has no documentation as to if any follow-up contact with the “logger” was completed. On June 10, 2019, the records department stated: No other report is currently on file/linked with initial report.

Since June 10, 2019, I have left the deputy four messages of the status in making contact with the logger. I also sent “certified letter” with delivery confirmation (tracking number, delivery date and time) via USPS To: Sheriff Reader, also to the chief deputy (appointed department head after Sheriff Reader was suspended) and Interim Sheriff Nelson.

On March 22, 2020, on other business, I saw Sheriff Nelson at the government center and informed him of the above issue and that I have not received any return contact. Sheriff Nelson stated: 1. unaware of this issue; 2. will inform deputy to contact with status; 3. department does have a fault in not following up.

485 days since the sheriff’s office was dispatched = no follow-up report in hand, no return contact from messages left or letters sent and one in-person meeting ... In my opinion ... I agree with the March 22, 2020 statement: The sheriff’s office “does have fault in not following up.”

Thank you,

Rob L. Circle

Piketon, Ohio

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