Today, I'll use an article I first ran on Oct. 28, 1976, one of my first.

Our first church was the one our family attended in 1973. 

Since this article first ran, we've had more pastors, and our present one is Rev. Peter J. Dunn. 

The church is located on State Route 220 West at the west end of Fish and Game Road. We welcome all to attend on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. for Sunday School and 10 a.m. for preaching. Also, Wednesday night Bible Study is at 7 p.m. Face masks and normal care are required. 

Our church is celebrating our 136th Homecoming on Sept. 20.

At the homecoming, the Gospel band "Blood Bought" will help us celebrate this day. 

I was very sorry to see the buildings fall away on East Second Street. Two businesses have lost their places, Modern Farmhouse Antiques and Handcrafted Decor and 8 Bit Buddy. These were just across the street from the Pike County Courthouse. These are both over 100 years old. 

From 1976: Dailyville Free Will Baptist Church was organized in 1884 by the Rev. David Gow and Joshua "Uncle Mac" Munyon. Until 1888, services were held in the Dailyville School nearby until the church was built.

Land for the church was donated by James Emmitt of Waverly. The old Dailyville School was torn down in 1975.

The church was closed for a short time but was reopened in the 1930s by Earl and Frances Noel. 

Some of the pastors and deacons were Rubin Boring, Homer Schwin, Joe Emrick, Rev. Reisinger, Rev. Maxwell, James Upton, James Shonkwiler, Walter Doll, W.W. Morris, Ray Miller, William Shepherd, John Kemper, Robert Hammond, Mack Kemper, Orville Southworth, Floyd Estep, John Smith, Sidney Crabtree, Nimrod Fairchild, Nove Radabaugh, Roy Dixon, and the last two pastors, Andrew Workman and William Chadwick, the present pastor. 

Some others who helped were Jim and Catherine Tackett, Mrs. Cynthia Emmitt, John Trainer family, Ephriam Moats and daughter, Mary, Aunt Fanny and Uncle Arch Stewart, the Seeling family and many others. 

The church building as sketched was torn down just this month, but the same friendly feeling of brotherhood prevails in the new church nearby. 

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