This week I’ll feature neighbor town Bainbridge, which is an interesting place to visit. Their annual Fall Festival of Leaves takes place Oct. 19 through 21 this year.

For years, I’ve passed the Dental Museum on Main Street (U.S. 50) in Bainbridge without stopping to visit. Finally we did recently and we were pleasantly surprised to find the size of the place. There is much to see as there is an addition behind the original brick building that faces the street. It is full of dental equipment and items used over the years from 1827 to the present.

I noticed some equipment used when I was first a patient of the late Waverly dentist William Henry Johnson on West Second Street in Waverly. In his waiting room was plenty to occupy my time, such as old guns (pistols) and books on old autos and history. Dr. Johnson owned the automobile in town, an Oldsmobile that was called a runabout. It was open with the motor behind the seat for two and tiller to steer it instead of a steering wheel.

Back to the Dental Museum in Bainbridge, it is titled the “Cradle of Dentistry” because Dr. John Harris started the first dental school when he advertised in Nov. 1, 1827 in the Chillicothe Supporter and Gazette for instructing a private class of students desiring to enter a medical college with the statement that pupils most have at least a first-rate English education. This announcement attracted a number of students and all but one student became interested in dentistry instead of medicine. All of the known students at Dr. Harris’ school at Bainbridge became outstanding dentists of that period.

To learn more stop in any Saturday or Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. to see and learn more about this interesting museum. There is a small admission fee.

Here is a photo of the museum as it faces the highway. Behind it is a paved parking lot for visitors.

The other photo shows Dentist Johnson in his auto with his daughters, one being the late Mabel Scott, a Waverly teacher.

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