This week I’ll use information from a basketball program of Feb. 3, 1977 — Waverly vs. Meigs Marauders.

The team pictured here were: front row, left to right: Rick Frederick, Jim Dutcher, Bo Arnett, Randy Thomas, Rick Thomas, Tim Frederick. Standing: Head coach, C.D. Hawhee, Mack Fielder, Chuck Thompson, Bob Holsinger, Joel Gordon, Joe Davena, Tom Holland, Stan Crace, and assistant coach, Roger Smith.

The varsity cheerleaders were: Becky Kuhn, Joan Napier, Lynn Patrick, Beth Thompson, Val Miller, Kim Kalich.

The Reserve Tiger team were: Terry Shoemaker, manager, Gene Birkhimer, Tracy Noble, Darby Moore, Kevin Gildow, Coach Ivan Rigsby, Randy Minor, Greg Sturgell, Onno Steger, Todd Stevens, Greg Fairchild, Troy Banta, Todd Nathan.

Reserve Cheerleaders: Joni Havens, Sonnie Harris, Shelly Bayse, Lilly Thompson, Cindy Bright and Tammy Fyffe.

Pep Band director — Raymond Boothe.

The Waverly High School Girls Basketball team: Teresa Hopper, Vicki Smith, Lisa Shoemaker, Gwyn Bobo, Donna Sword, Janice Pfeifer, Brenda Conkel, Tammy Pfeifer, Cindy Bearhs, Cheri Fairchild, Kama Sharfenaker, Kim Knight, Jackie Copeland, Paula Hartley, Kim Newland and Coach Mary Gecowets.

Varsity Record, career total points:

Denny Thompson — 1457 — 3 plus years

John Shoemaker — 1,211 — 3 years

Rick Eblin — 1,204 — 3 years

Robert Thompson — 1,121 — 3 years

Eddie Smithson — 1,069 — 3 plus years

Varsity — Single Game Records:

John Shoemaker — 45

Bill Breitenbach — 43

Eddie Everhart — 39

Denny Thompson — 38

Robert Thompson — 38

Now for some businesses that are no longer with us that advertised in the program.

Webb’s Chrysler-Plymouth — 507 East Emmitt.

Don’s Furniture — 105 E. North Street.

Rhoads Meat Market — 217 West Emmitt Ave.

Don’s Auto Parts — 305 N. Market St.

Western Auto — Don Brown — 305 E. Emmitt Ave.

Ashland Finance — Joe Rhoads — Manager — 101 W. Second Street.

Little Acorn Insurance — Bill & Betty Speraw & Susan Rodmaker, agents — 102 Clough Street.

Barco Chemicals — U.S. 23 North.

Waverly Drugs — U.S. 23 — E. Emmitt Ave.

Now, readers how many of these players do you know?

The winner of that game of Waverly versus Meigs was unknown to me.

While I was in our booth (Beaver Valley Historical Society) at Beaver during the Oktoberfest last month I saw many people that I knew. The weather was hot, then cool and rainy on the last day, but the parade came through before any serious downpour.

In our booth, we enjoyed the company of Bill Schneider, Joyce Sparks, Al Don Cisco, Ella Rose Shrader, Shirley Cochenour, Gene Brushart, and others. Samuel Bobst helped us erect the tent and take it down.

I really enjoyed the band “Open Rail” on Sunday.

At the car show was a 1939 Ford pickup like my first vehicle I bought in August 1954 for $35 that ran very good.

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