This week I’ll use items from the Waverly Watchman newspaper of Sept. 28, 1979.

One item I’m sharing is about the Beaver Boy Scouts learning citizenship. I’m sure you readers will know many of these people in the photo.

The headline is “Beaver Scouts Learn Citizenship”. The caption is as follows: THE CUB SCOUT theme for the month of September is Citizenship. These 8, 9, and 10 year old boys are taught to respect our country and its flag. They know what it is to be a good citizen. This photograph was made at the conclusion of a tour of the Pike County Court House and Jail facilities. The tour was conducted by Sheriff Roy Ross, during which he explained his duties and the operation of the Sheriff’s office. The Sheriff passed out treats to the boys while he conducted a question and answer period.

The Cub Scouts of Pack 70 ended their visit with a picture on the Court House steps. They have a greater respect for the laws and the men who enforce them. First row, left to right: Ronnie Brown, David Darst, Jimmy Schrader, Anthony Phipps, Steve Phipps, Paul Darst, Mark Fairchild, Scott Hines. Second row, left to right: Den Chief David Brushart, Den Chief Rick Slone, Carl Hines, Brian Trainer, Brent Schrader, Wayne Slone, Berry Trainer, Karla Schrader. Third row, left to right: Den Mother Nancy Schrader, Den Mother Janice Fairchild, Cub Master Ronald Hines, Den Mother Rita Trainer, Sheriff Roy Ross, Steven Popovich, Teacher.

Also in this paper is the column, “OUR Feathered Friends” written by the late Elmer Shoemaker, a World War II Veteran. In this article, he featured three birds: the Titmouse, the Evening Grosbeak, and the Towhee. His farm was located just west of Estep Lane road.

Under the column “OUR BOYS IN THE SERVICE” was this item: U.S.S. Charleston Navy Petty Officer Second Class James M. Tackett, son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Tackett, of Rt. 1 and the husband of the former Miss Laverne Orr, of 505 Rose Drive, all of Waverly, is a crew member of the amphibious cargo ship U.S.S. Charleston, which has just completed a five day visit to Palma, Mailorca, Spain (an island off the coast of Spain where I spent nine days of liberty from the Navy ship, the U.S.S. Bache DD470, in June 1957. I enjoyed the scenery and the people.

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