Sherman Dixon gave me some old papers and this ad from the Columbus Citizen April 26, 1953 listed new TVs for sale. Columbia Television Corp. was located at 128 Gay St. Telephone number FL5351.

Admiral $339.95, Arvin $319.95, CBS $329.95, Dumont $349.95, Westinghouse $299.95, General Electric $369.95, Hallicrafter $349.95, Majestic $339.95, Motorola $299.95, Raytheon $349.95 and RCA $329.95.

These were all console models with no screen size listed. And for only $1.00 more get a good used TV set!

How many of these brands still exist? I remember buying an Alvin radio to install in one of my cars in the 1950s. Raytheon was the brand of many tubes in the electronic section of the Navy in the 56-58 period when I was aboard the U.S.S. Bache.

Here are some items from the Chillicothe Gazette of Nov. 22, 1963. Herman Clark, 38, of Waverly Rt. 3, has been appointed deputy sheriff to succeed John C. (Cliff) Bennett, Pike County Sheriff Foster resports. Bennett was sworn in as Waverly Chief of Police Tuesday.

The new deputy, a veteran of the Navy during World War II was most recently employed by the Straub Meat Co. in Chillicothe. The father of four (4), Deputy Clark attended Waverly High School and owns a farm in the Hayesville community. (The Hayesville area is on Cline’s Chapel Road where there was a small grocery store operated by the Newsome family.)

Deputy Clark and his family have moved into living quarters at the Pike County Jail. Note: That building was removed several years ago and is now a parking lot site next to the court house.

An example of the TV programs listed on Saturday were: on Ch. 10 WBNS at 2 p.m. NCAA football and on Ch. 6 WTVN — Roller Derby. Ch. 4 WLWC Wild Kingdom and on Ch. 3 WSAZ — Mr. Wizard.

Used cars for sale at Herrnstein and Walsh at North High at Vine in Chillicothe include: 1962 Pontiac Catalina convertible, automatic, powersteering and brakes, red and white, only $2595.

1962 Comet (Mercury) 2 door, 6 cylinder, standard transmission, radio, heater, white — $1495.

1960 Lark (Studebaker) 2 door, 6 cylinder, standard transmission, radio, heater, tan finish — $795.

1959 Plymouth Savoy, 4 door, 6 cylinder, automatic, radio, heater, black and white, $1095.

Here is an ad for sale of the Waverly Heights and Estates of the F.H.A. homes. Two bedroom $7,000 and three bedroom $7,500. Terms. $220 down including closing costs; payments only $51.39 monthly, including taxes and insurance for the two bedroom homes. For the three bedroom homes $270 down. Payments $54.08 monthly.

For further information, contact project office, 102 Morningside, Waverly, Ohio.

The photo shows the Estates in Waverly as seen about 1960. Morningside Drive is the main street in this project, as seen from Columbia Drive. This was a postcard by local Martin Foto Shop.

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