Betty Stulley Gildow just informed me that two of our fellow 1956 graduates had passed away. Ruth Griffith and Gary Parsons had both moved away later.

Another Waverly High School graduate, Sherman Dixon, gave me a copy of the “The Waverly Watchman” dated Jan. 8, 1953. This was my freshman year at Waverly High. And this was the same time my favorite restaurant opened. That is the former Schmitt’s Dairy and Restaurant which was open 24 hours a day until the last few years. Karl Schmitt, owner, was a friendly and likable guy. Schmitt’s also furnished the milk for Pike County schools for years.

Our son, Mark, worked in the milk bottling department for awhile.

Some advertisers in that paper no longer in business included Armintrout Chevrolet in Piketon. The building is still standing at the corner of Market and Main streets.

Waverly Lumber and Construction Co. became Kalf’s Hardware. The building was torn down for a new drugstore on East Emmitt Ave. in Waverly.

Also, the law in Waverly included two: Day Traffic Officer — Clarence Breitbach, phones 90 or 306 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and, Night Patrolman — William Anderson — phone 131-R or 306 from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Sigler Eye Sight Specialists, State Bank Building (North Market Street, next to the A & P Store at that time, but by 1955 A & P in the present Pike Co. Library).

Speaking of the library, Waverly Furniture Co. was in the small store next door. K.M. Vance proprietor. Phone 204-R.

Chris B. Dawson, Auctioneer — 407 Bridge Street, Waverly, Ohio. Will conduct sales anywhere.

Dailyville Free Will Baptist Church, west of Waverly, Ohio, is still open. The Rev. Floyd Estep was the pastor at that time. Now it is Rev. Peter J. Dunn.

Social news — Ron Doll, U.S. Navy, stationed at Memphis, Tennessee, was home to visit his mom, Mrs. Walter Doll of Lock St. Waverly.

A son was born Sunday at Mercy Hospital, Portsmouth, Ohio, to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Wiseman of near Beaver, Ohio.

The car photo is from an Armintrout Chevrolet ad in the 1953 newspaper. It was the only Chevy dealer in Pike County at that time.

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