This week I will be using more items from the Scioto Weekly Review — home owned by the James family at S. High Street near 5th St., Waverly. 

This was a free newspaper that is now out of business. The building is now used for a hair salon. 

This was a few items from the Oct. 20, 1971 issue. 

Swanson Mounts to address P.T.A. Council. Mr. Mounts is director of the Pike County Juvenile Rehabilitation Program and will speak at the meeting of the Pike County P.T.A. Council at Piketon High School Dec. 26. The council president is Mrs. Eileen Bond. 

There will be an open house at the following schools from 7 to 9 p.m. on Oct. 25, Piketon High School; Oct. 26, Piketon Elementary No. 1; Jasper Oct. 27; Piketon Elementary No. 2 and on Oct. 28, Camp Creek and Elm Grove. Note: the last two are now closed and buildings are gone. 

From news from the Waverly Watchman on Sept. 28, 1972 comes these items.

Ad for the Atomic Drive In Movie Theatre (now a church north of Waverly and listed as Moonlight Drive-In): Raquel Welch as the Hottest Thing on Wheels in "The Kansas City Bomber". 

I remember attending the original Moonlite Drive Theatre in the east end of Chillicothe in the 1960s. 

A notice from Pike County Sheriff Roy Ross. Tearing Down Political Signs Could Be Costly. Sheriff Ross states this is a violation of the law and persons caught would be charged with destruction of property and vandalism. 

PHS PEP CLUB NAMES OFFICERS. New officers elected were: President Jerry Cochran; vice-president, Janie Pieper; Secretary-Treasurer, Debbie Ealey; News Reporter Ginger Burkitt and Historian, Teresa Anderson. 

Ad. Notice to Farmers. Taking Soybeans and new corn. Will be paying top prices. Man on duty 8 a.m. to 5 a.m. each day including Saturday. Adams Feed and Grain. Frank Adams. Their grain elevator was the D.T. & I Railroad yard in Waverly. 

For Rent - Three bedroom @ 521 Carroll St. (Waverly Heights) fully carpeted $87.50 per mo. plus $50.00 deposit. 

Some advertisers no longer in business: Pike Furniture — Rt. 23 north. Schmitt Implement — John Deere — 215 W. Emmitt Ave. Noels Market — 310 W. Third St. (just closed). Remys-Chrysler-Plymouth — 507 East Emmitt Ave.; Kegleys Drugs — Butler Shopping Center; Schmitts Dairy (now site of Subway); Clarks TV Service, 114 Market St.; Pike County Mobile Homes at Scioto Motel. All these buildings are now gone — replaced by a strip mall across U.S. 23 from Wal-Mart. 

The photo is from the late Walter Duncan collection but no info was given with it. 

I think I recognize my late father-in-law Greenville Wheeler, wearing a white sweater, and also Rufus Kennard, standing just behind him. 

If any reader can remember the meeting, date or place, call me at (740) 947-5625. Thanks. 

The Portsmouth Railroad Show will be held at a new date but same place: Life Center on Saturday and Sunday No. 23 and 24. Call (740) 353-8959 Market St. Hardware for more information. 

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