This week I’ll use info from the Waverly News of Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1968 that someone gave me.

First, I’ll mention the Baptist churches of Pike County listed in “Come to Church for Services”.

Philadelphia Baptist Church (Carr’s Run) — Rev. B.L. Austin, Pastor.

Waverly Baptist Temple, 110 E. Emmitt Ave. (Note: I don’t remember where that was located.) — Rev. Donald R. Meece, Pastor.

Bethany Missionary Baptist, Route 104 @ Rushtown — Rev. William Smith, Pastor (Scioto County).

First Baptist Church of Waverly (affiliated with Southern Baptist of Ohio) — Rev. Orden Rice, Pastor.

Calvary Baptist Church of Piketon — Rev. Paul Syner, Pastor.

Madison Free Will Baptist, Owl Creek Road — Orville Southworth, Pastor; Denver Rapp, SS Supt.; Melda Rapp, Clerk.

Wakefield Free Will Baptist Church — Rev. Floyd Estep, Pastor; Ferman Cutlip, SS Supt.

Scioto Free Will Baptist Church, Cockrell’s Run Road — Rev. Don Williams, Pastor; Bob Smith, Supt; Harold Patrick, Song Leader.

Dailyville Free Will Baptist — Rev. Andrew Workman, Pastor; Gene Oyer, SS Supt.

Stockdale Baptist Church — M. D. Maple, Pastor; Chester Estep, SS Supt. Special singing by church quartet. Note: M. D. was the grandfather of my son-in-law, Mike Maple, and has since passed.

Here are some churches that had no affiliation:

Mt. Zion-Camp Creek — Lewis Viar, Pastor.

Cynthiana — Rev. Paul Greathouse, Pastor.

Bethel Church — Rev. Neil Park, Pastor.

Riverdale — Raymond O’Brien, Pastor.

Given’s Station — no pastor listed.

Pine Top — Rev. Marcus Eblin, Pastor.

Morgantown — Rev. James McCain, Pastor.

Omega — Rev. Marion Conkel, Pastor.

Victory Chapel (Interdenominational), Green Acres, Waverly — Newton Dyke, Pastor; Henry Oliver, Assistant Pastor.

Nipgen Ross County — Rev. Russel Lee Scott, Pastor.

Smith’s Chapel — Rev. Lewis VanMeter, Pastor.

Piketon — Rev. Grover Temple, Pastor.

Yankee Hill Community Church (Interdenominational) — Rev. Earnest Grooms, Pastor.

Pleasant Hill (Interdenominational) — Rev. Mason Dyke, Pastor; William Pollard, SS Supt.

Real Estate Transfers — Babe Howard and others (trustees of Primitive Baptist Church) to trustees of Little Vine Church of Regular Primitive Baptist — 1 acre in Pebble Township.

Bernard Maple and wife to Preston Wickline and wife, 9 acres in Jackson Township.

Some sponsors of the church directory that are no longer in business include: Schmitt Dairy, Brown’s Pharmacy, Don Vulgamore — Lorbach Insurance.

This is dedicated to all who attended these churches, then and now.

Here is a photo taken in 1978 of No Name Little Vine Baptist Church on Route 772 before it was rebuilt into the present structure.

Later, I’ll mention the other churches in that column.

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