This is another poem by Pike County native Beatrice McNeal Drummond, who has written many interesting and thoughtful poems. 

The photo has no connection to this poem but I thought you readers might recognize this young lady. Jim Hale of Grove City is the editor of their historical newsletter, and this photo was in the last issue. So if you know this young lady, please let me know at (740) 947-5625, or contact Jim Hale via email at It is presumed to be in the Grove City area. 

My wish is that you have a father to enjoy this special day with. 

"A LETTER TO DAD" (For the late Homer McNeal)

By Beatrice McNeal Drummond

Today while in a store I saw

Some cards there on display, 

And they were special ones depicting

"Happy Father's Day."

I turned away because the cards

Each year just cause me pain, 

Because a card for "Father's Day" ...

I cannot buy again. 

For my Dad is no longer here

God felt his work was done,

And so he's in a better place ...

His race on earth, was run!

But oh, I wish for Father's Day

That I might write a letter

To tell him things I left unsaid

'Twould make me feel much better!

I'd like to tell him of the things

I know he did for me.

Tho' at the time, my youthful eyes

Just somehow didn't see. 

I know he did without some things

That he liked, as a rule, 

So that I could have the clothes and such

That I would need for school.

And times when he was short with me

I did not understand,

Perhaps his day had been so long

In caring for the land. 

For farming was his way of life

And tho' he loved it well ...

Machinery breaks, and hard times come

As farmers all can tell!

For when one has worries, and problems come

One's patience can wear thin, 

I'd like to tell him "It's all right

I know the spot you're in!"

And I'd like to tell him that I loved

His rough and calloused hands, 

Because I know he worked for us

With no applause, or bands!

And I'd like to tell him how we miss him

More and more, each day, 

And how his memory never fades

Ever since he went away!

And I'd like to tell him

That I wish more often I had said ...

Four simple words ... "I love you, Dad,"

Long before he was dead.

But Dad, if the Lord was willing

I wish, in His own way ...

He could relay this message

"We'll think of you today!"

And oh I wish if there is one

Who's strayed away from home ...

That "Father's Day" will speak to them

No matter where they've roamed.

And if in person, they can't go

And say, "Hello," again,

A card or phone call they will send

To say they think of him.

So many things that we put off

"Things of the heart" can wait ...

But Time slips through our fingers and ...

We find it is too late!

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