I was sorry to read that John Voelker, a native of Givens, died in Dallas, Texas. He was an artist and spent much of his later years in Texas. He had contributed articles to Pike’s Past.

Waverly News — Sept. 6, 1900 — Quietly Married. Mr. Henry E. Voelker and Miss Mada L. Brown of Flat (post office name that was changed to Stockdale) were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents on Sunday, Sept. 2.

Waverly News — Wed. Aug. 16, 1900 — Joseph Bowman and Rachel Wickline of Beaver.

Waverly Watchman — March 7, 1882 — We learned that Charles Cissna, a well known citizen of Piketon, was seriously injured one day last week by a kick in the face from a horse. His injuries are not dangerous, but it is thought that his face will be badly disfigured.

Waverly News — August 29, 1907 — Pike County woman wins a unique contest at the Lucasville Fair.

The cash prize of $15 put up by Congressman Henry T. Bannon to be given to the person who brought the most children from one family to the Lucasville Fair on Thursday had to be divided between two proud mothers, who would have caused Teddy’s heart to swell with pride (who is Teddy?) as they lined up an even dozen bright-eyed cheeked youngsters whose ages ranged from 17 years to three months.

The two women were Mrs. Phoebe Crabtree of Galford, Pike County (near Germany Road) and Mrs. William Davis, of Lucasville.

Mrs. Crabtree claimed she should have received the prize as two of her children had to be left at home. She produced evidence to this effect, but the judges ruled that the money was to be given to the mother who had the greatest number on the grounds.

The unique contest caused much merriment as fully ten families took part in the contest. There were three families with 10 children and eight with nine children.

Waverly News — August 6, 1900 — A letter from a former resident, A.L. Tidd, writes from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, and tells of several former Pike Countians living out there.

Mr. Abel Crabtree came to this country in the Territorial Days and is a thrifty farmer.

Mr. A.L. Tidd (maybe from Stockdale as a Dr. Tidd had an office there) formed a law practice with George M. Spurlock. This is in Cass County, Nebraska.

Mr. Jacob Vallery, Sr., a native of Germany came to America and located in Pike County in 1842, where he lived for 23 years. In 1844 he was elected Sheriff of the county, which position he held most of the time until 1854. Note: Many German speaking residents were in Pike County at this time so no language problems occurred probably. In 1856 he came to Nebraska. He was a member of the constitutional convention of this state. He engaged in farming and stock raising, and acquired the large tract of land. He is now 87 years of age and in feeble health.

Here is a photo of the Pike County Fair located in Piketon at the same location as the present. This is from a postcard loaned to me by the late Harry Zimmerman. Sorry, I didn’t get an article out in time for the fair this year.

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