Pike's Past

Pike's Past

By Jim Henry

Pike's Past is a column that runs in the News Watchman every Wednesday. He has been writing for the publication since September of 1976 and is renowned for his knowledge of Pike County history. Henry frequently speaks at gatherings throughout the region to speak about history and present slide shows from his extensive collection of historical photographs.

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Years ago someone gave me a copy of a small overview of Omega’s history (formerly Sharonville). I’ll use it now. The postal department required Sharonville (Omega) to adopt a new name to avoid a mix up, as Sharonville near Cincinnati already existed.

Several people told me they really liked the new Pike Heritage Museum’s 2019 calendar with photos each month. Most of these photos I’ve not seen before, so you readers will see them over time. Bob Dixon of Dixon’s Jewelers told me people are buying up these as fast as the supply arrives from…

This is not a Pike County postcard but is appropriate for the New Year. I bought this card at an antique store in North Carolina. It is addressed to Mrs. L.D. Hotaling of Hurley, N.Y., mailed from Hurley, N. Y. 31 Dec. 1927 and was signed — Love from Roger.

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This week I'll spotlight the railroad that crossed West North Street in Waverly until July 1983. The D.T. & I. Railroad (Detroit, Toledo and Ironton) was started in 1876 in the city of Springfield. That city had many industries and people who burned coal. Jackson County was the source of…

This week I’ll spotlight the old Silver Diner, when it was located on West Emmitt Avenue in Waverly, Ohio. By the time I started driving in 1955, the diner had been moved south to State Route 104. When Barch bought it, the little cafe had been closed so he had it taken apart and removed.