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Audible testing of the PORTS Public Warning System (PWS) will be conducted on Thursday, Dec. 20 between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Audible testing of the PWS is conducted to ensure the system functions as intended and to familiarize site personnel and the public with the audible warning tones of the sirens.

Members of Pike Up/The 66 (66 refers to Pike’s county number) will be hosting the lighting of a Christmas Tree at the intersection of SR 335 and US 23 (across from Rite Aid) in Waverly on Saturday, Dec. 15 at 6 p.m.

On Dec. 4, the Waverly Pack 100 awarded the rank of Lion Scout to eight kindergarten-aged youths, the first to participate in the Waverly Pack 100 Lion Scout program. Included among the eight individuals honored with Lion Scout rank was the first female to attain the rank in Waverly, accordi…


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Pike's Past

Pike's Past

By Jim Henry

Pike's Past is a column that runs in the News Watchman every Wednesday. He has been writing for the publication since September of 1976 and is renowned for his knowledge of Pike County history. Henry frequently speaks at gatherings throughout the region to speak about history and present slide shows from his extensive collection of historical photographs.

Rural Rendezvous

Rural Rendezvous

By Sherry M. Stanley

Sherry M. Stanley has resided in the country all her life. She enjoys all aspects of country living, especially gardening and spending time with her animal companions — dogs, goats, horses, and a cat — in Ross County.


Frieda was in her 50's when referred to Hospice for terminal breast cancer. She worked as a bookkeeper until she became disabled. Frieda was gentle, tender-hearted and soft spoken. I stopped by her house one day and her hospital bed was peppered with papers. She told me she was using her rem…